Thermographic Studies (Building & Electrical)

Infrared (IR) thermography is a nondestructive investigative tool used in numerous applications within buildings for preventative maintenance, energy conservation, quality control and security functions. It is also used for quality control purposes major retrofits and evaluations of architectural, structural electrical and mechanical systems for building condition reports on existing buildings.

Effective Building Engineering Ltd. offers the following thermographic assessments:

Exterior Walls Review of building envelopes identify air leaks, insulation defects, voids within materials, moisture accumulation and potential mould and fungi formation leading to indoor air quality problems.

Roof Inspections detect roof leaks though water accumulation within insulation layers.

Electrical Inspections identify hot spots that could lead to potential system failures. Mechanical system inspections locate overheating motors and bearings that again could lead to potential component failure. We also review garage ramp heating systems.