Concrete Balcony Solutions

Concrete balconies pose some of the most common facade deterioration. Mechanisms which are typically associated with the concrete deterioration affect the corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel or balcony guard railing posts. These factors can contribute to cracking slab edge spalling, delaminations, poor appearance, and safety concerns from falling concrete. If not repaired, severe concrete deterioration can also jeopardize the structural integrity of the building.

At Effective Building Engineering Ltd. a proper investigation of the deterioration mechanism and its effect is be made. The extent of the deterioration will have a impact on the decision to repair or replace localized sections or entire balcony slabs.

The most common types of deterioration encountered with concrete balcony slabs and balcony guard rail are those associated with corrosion of embedded metals and the freeze-thaw damage.

Our repair objectives include restoring structural integrity of the balconies and railings, improving the buildings aesthetics of the overall building and to restore the durability of live cycle of the building component(s).