Concrete and Structural Restoration

The art of concrete and structural restoration requires a multi-disciplinary degree of experience and skill.

At Effective Building Engineering Ltd. the knowledge and experience of its professional team provides the resources necessary to take on the most challenging projects. Masonry Buildings, Parking Structures, and Balcony Slabs all require special attention. Concrete is a rigid building material that is subject to freezing in winter and thawing in summer. As a result of these temperature changes, concrete will expand and contract to some degree.Concrete repair replaces defective, damaged, or deteriorated concrete; restores structural function; protects the surface or underlying concrete from aggressive environments; and restores any lost performance requirements.

Concrete repair problems are diverse in nature. Each condition requires a clear understanding of what is expected of the repair including appearance, protection needs, and load carrying requirements.

An effective repair strategy must draw from a variety of materials, techniques and the remedial repair strategy.