Building Envelope: Windows & Walls Investigations/Restorations

A building envelope’s is designed to offer protection from external elements, including moisture, air and temperature. Failures to any component of a building envelope can result in costly damage and deterioration.

At Effective Building Engineering Ltd. we examine the way a building was designed and constructed, evaluating existing conditions and understanding the repairs that may be required to implement the right maintenance, repair and protection strategies for your buildings.

Building envelope engineering focuses on solving or preventing performance problems associated with the enclosures of buildings. The building envelope includes exterior glazing, opaque wall assemblies, roofs and balconies, and at-grade and below-grade waterproofing. We collaborate with owners and designers of new construction projects to create high performance building envelope systems. We have also been involved in thousands of investigations of buildings with envelope performance problems, often leading to remedial design and in many cases to the management of exterior wall, window, and/or roof replacement or rehabilitation programs.

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